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Legends Hall of Fame!

Inductees will have played, coached, or actively participated in Legends for at least 6 years, and participated in at least 14 seasons.  Criteria includes display of outstanding integrity, camaraderie, and dedication to Legends, fellow players, and coaches. You do NOT have to be a superstar player with lots of championships!


Class of 2019


John Boneta

  • #20 (Ray Allen), #50 (David Robinson)
  • 12 Champinships - TIED FOR SECOND, only behind ELDERS!
  • Joined in Winter 2007, played 38 seasons!
  • Teams playd for: HoundDogs, Terminators, Morphs, Satellites
  • Won # championships, #MVPs
  • Quote: "Freddy, give up the ball!"



Don Elhussein

  • #39 (Dwight Howard)
  • 12 Championships - TIED FOR SECOND, only behind ELDERS!
  • Joined in Spring 2014, played 20 seasons!
  • Teams playd for: Woodchippers
  • "Please count Woodchippers-2 with Woodchippers Total Championships - or I quit!"



Class of 2018


Justin Bye

  • #8 (Kobe Bryant), 13 (Wilt Chamberlain), 7 (Pistol Pete Maravich)
  • Joined: Spring 2012
  • Teams played for: Boomshakalaka, Killers
  • Multiple team champ, past MVP
  • True team leader “Already a HoFer to teammates”



Art “Bigman” Crowder 

  • Entering HoF for Howard U. – know which is more meaningful!
  • #25 (Vince Carter), 4 (Dolf Schayes), 7 (Pistol Pete Maravich)
  • Joined: Fall 2009
  • Teams played for: LittleLeaguers, RepeatOffenders
  • Won x championships ?






Class of 2017

Hall of Fame video by Chuck Barber - pre-awards: https://youtu.be/68M-adC2KXQ

Hall of Fame video of actual presentations: https://youtu.be/6jfkEzTJWzk



Lance Posey

  • #36 Also (Rasheed Wallace, and Shaq, briefly)!  Always!  Coupon for new uniform!
  • Joined: Fall 2009, played 13 seasons (overseas break!)
  • Teams played for: RimRockers, Elite Expansion, 40+ Expansion, HD Chasers, DMV Live, RepeatOffenders
  • Won x championships – NONE with HD (cheap weeknight doesn’t count!)
  • “I can’t believe I got old in one season!”
  • Only player to dunk the ball during a game in the Over-40 division.
  • Unselfish player, involves teammates and makes those around him better.




Chuck Barber

  • #41 (Dirk Nowitzki), then #23 (Michael Jordan, LeBron)
  • Joined: Winter 2008 (Hitmen), played 22 seasons!
  • Teams played for: Hitmen, Blades, TeamOptimus, PastGlory, Dealers, B Expansion, NewBeginning, B Strong, Vandals, HD Chasers, Illuminati
  • Won 1 total championship??? – Blades (co-ed), Runner-up A LOT!
  • “These guys are BABIES!”
  • Always shows true dedication to Legends and all its principles of camaraderie, fairness, and love of the game.
  • Already a Legends Ambassador – just formalizing it now!





Inaugural Class of 2016

Dick Beville

  • #23 (Other famous #23s: Michael Jordan, LeBron James)

  • Teams Played: Squires, Nomads, Dominators, Slackers, Killers, Blues, Hustle…others?

  • Played every Legends season! (35) – Since Fall 2006

  • Famous Quote: “I never took a shot I didn’t like”

  • Still has same smelly uniform!

  • Head referee




Kyle Rice

  • #51 (Other Famous #51s: Reggie King)

  • Teams Played: Elders

  • Played since 1st season! – Fall 2006

  • Famous Quote:  "I will go anywhere for the hardware...Elite, 30+A, 30+ A/B, 40+A…40 C?!"

  • Damn nice guy! (Oops, no swearing!)

  • Won 11 championships – most by the same team!



Adam Robinson

  • #40 (Other famous 40s: Shawn Kemp)

  • Started in Winter 2007 on the Slackers!

  • Famous Quote: "Whatever you need, I will do, Ron!"

  • Played both Legends sports – not easy!

  • Won 5 Championships

  • Reffed for us whenever we needed

  • All-around awesome dude!



Dave Tyson

  • #10 (Other famous #10s: Walt Frazier)

  • Played for venerable HoundDogs

  • ​Started in Fall 2008

  • Famous Quote: "That was a foul!"

  • Knack for hitting game-winning buzzer-beaters!

  • Won 9 championships – second most!



John Windt

  • #4 (Other famous #4s: Adrian Dantely)

  • Teams played for: SpartanDawgs, Spartans, LittleLeaguers, Blues…

  • Played every season since Spring 2010

  • Famous Quote: "We WILL beat Ninja in the Finals!"

  • Won 11 total championships – 5 with Repeat Offenders/Little Leaguers, 3 with Spartans, 2 with Elders, and 1 with WolfTrappers.

  • Killer 3-point shot!