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Winter 2022 Season!




Check out all the info below.  When ready to register, go to the main basketball page (www.PlayLegendsBasketball.com) and click on the big registration button on the right side of the site.


Anticipated Divisions (may be merged as needed):

19+ Elite

30+ A/B/C

40+ A/B/C

50+ B/C                 NEW BY POPULAR DEMAND!


3-on-3 A/B/C Divisions!   NEW BY POPULAR DEMAND!




General Info:


The tentative schedule (subject to change) is below:





  • Gyms most likely ones we had in the past - Madison, Marshall HS, South Lakes HS, Justice HS, and Jackson MS.  Others may also be used as needed. 
  • Rosters and schedules will be sent no later than the Thursday before Opening Night. Teams are scheduled to play at least 9 games, which includes playoff games.
  • All games will be played on Sundays from 4 to 9pm start times.



Vaccinations - It was clear that a majority of people preferred a mandate for vaccinations, however, we know how politically charged mandates are, and do not want to alienate any of our awesome players.  We do want our players to be as safe as possible, so we will adopt an approach other organizations have used successfully.  That is to request that unvaccinated players that do not choose to get vaccinated to please volunarily wear a mask when entering the gym and playing.  We do strongly encourage all our players to check with your trusted doctor, and get vaccinated if they recommend it.  The data is clear - vaccinations are extremely effective!



Season Costs

Per Player Registration (Traditional 5on5 only)


Want to try Legends but don't have a lot of $?  No problem, we want to make it happen for you!  Your first season registration is HALF PRICE! (just $90!)  How can you go wrong?  Then in subsequent seasons, join with a team to get lower costs - See Team Registrations below!



Regular costs include a $179 registration fee and a one-time $70 uniform cost for first-season players.  These high quality uniforms are used from season to season, and only need to be purchased once. 


A $20 out-of-county fee will also be charged for non-Fairfax County residents. This is a requirement of the county because the facilities being used are paid for by Fairfax County tax dollars.  Legends subsidizes this fee for you, as the county charges Legends $35.


If registering late (see late date on registration), there is an additional $35 late fee.




Traditional 5on5 Team Registration



                                                                     Younger Teams            Older Teams

                                                                  (any 19+ Division)

                                                                  -----------------------         ---------------

New Players on Teams:

        7+   New players to Legends               $700                                   $800

        5-6  New players to Legends                $800                                  $900

        3-4  New players to Legends                $900                                  $1,000

        1-2  New players to Legends                $1,000                               $1,100


Returning Teams:                                        $1,050                                $1,150


NOTE: If a new team decides to purchase their own uniforms, they must be approved by the league prior to purchase.  There is also a $150 extra fee since no Legends uniforms will be purchased.



Team registration pays off in most cases. 


Other Important info:


  1. $70 for each new uniform needed will be charged during individual registrations (new teams can bring own league-approved uniforms - contact us for details)
  2. All out-of-county fees will be waived
  3. Teams may have as many players as desired, with a minimum of 7
  4. Team registration and payment must be within 3 weeks of the start of the season


NEW - 3on3 Team Registration



Just $299 per team!  Have as many as you want, but at least 3, or course!