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Adult and Youth Basketball in Fairfax, Virginia!

It's not too late to become a "Legend"!

Adult Basketball, Youth Basketball in Fairfax, VA!

All pictures (except for Legends players) on this website courtesy of The National Basketball Hall of Fame.  


D'Angelo! (Ninja)

Reigning "Open Elite" MVP


McNally! (Col. Revenge)

Reigning "30+ A" MVP


Zach! (Crocodiles)
Reigning "30+ B" MVP


Tony! (HAVOC)

Reigning "30+ C" MVP


Fay! (Elders)

Reigning "40+ A" MVP


Dave! (HoundDogs)

Reigning "40+ B" MVP


Rob! (S. Flyers)

Reigning "40+ C" MVP



Reigning Champion Teams!

Road to the Spring 2016 Finals!


The Adult Spring 2016 Season Tournament is a Wrap!

The last Finals game was held last night, and all the results are posted!

Individual stats will be provided shortly.

Coach winners, please provide a Game Summary (we just need 2 or 3 paragraphs!) by July 6, and we will include in the Commish Corner - your teammates will love it! 



See the Tournament Tree here, or in the Club News off the main basketball page:




by posted 05/24/2016
Youth Legends Blog Update!



See the Youth Legends Blog update!


In this issue, we highlight the the undefeated clash between the Hawks and Bullets!




COACHES, email us with your story and we will add it!



by posted 05/06/2016
Spring 2016 - Legends Blog Update!


The blog has been updated with the 10 Year Anniversary Party and Hall of Fame Inductions...check it out! 




COACHES - Send us a quick Game Summary and/or pictures and we will post it!





by posted 04/16/2016

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